Speaker evaluations from NL LUG 2009

Earlier today I received my session evaluations from NL LUG 2009 and was very happy to see how positive they were. It’s always nice when the evaluations are so positive. Thanks to all that attended the session.

Evaluation results for session DEV08 - The low down on Notes
plugin distribution and provisioning
Number of attendees in your room: 35
Filled-in Eval forms: 25

Score (1) - Session Quality: 4,4 (!) (scale 0-5)
Score (2) - Speaker Quality: 4,5 (!) (scale 0-5)

Additional (individual) comments and remarks from people,
typed over 'litteraly and uncensored':
- Super! The Best!
- Nice intro the wonderful world of widgets and
  deploymenent/distribution. Nice stuff!
- Even when not familiar with this, the explanation was
  quite clear.
- Very good presentation
- Please come again
- Different expectations, but very good