OpenSocial (iGoogle) gadgets in Eclipse

I’ve been reading some blog posts about the upcoming Eclipse v.4 (or e4) and which features are planned for this release. One of the posts (OpenSocial (iGoogle) gadgets in Eclipse) discusses how Google Gadgets might make their way to Eclipse as views (ViewParts). Being a Notes user this is what we’ve had for a couple of years as MyWidgets but it’s always interesting to speculate who influences who… 🙂

It is becoming very clear to me that Notes as a platform is a good citizen in the Eclipse community by drawing from the community but also giving back to it.

One thought on “OpenSocial (iGoogle) gadgets in Eclipse”

  1. Opening the Lotus Notes client to OpenSocial gadgets would be a huge step for Lotus in the component space.

    I wonder what the rest of the Lotus community thinks about this technology. 


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