LotusScript.doc v2 beta 7

Beta 7 (and hopefully the last beta) of LotusScript.doc v2 is out – get it here (lsdoc_200beta7.zip). This beta fixes a minor issue with comment parsing. Unless I hear anything else I will release 2.0.0 this weekend.

Please note: Please remember to adjust the Java heap size. For more information see this post.

Comments as always welcome here on the blog or by e-mail to lekkim [at] lsdoc [dot] org.

5 thoughts on “LotusScript.doc v2 beta 7”

  1. I’m having some problem getting the tool to work properly.

    NotesClient 701,

    added the Notes.ini entry ‘Java heap size’ and restarted Notes

    This error occured in the Java-console :

    SEVERE: Method generateLink threw exception for reference $lsdoc_tool_anchor in template resources/velocity/templ/html/javadoc/allclasses-frame.vm at  [15,50]

    org.apache.velocity.exception.MethodInvocationException: Invocation of method ‘generateLink’ in  class org.lsdoc.output.html.frames.classes.AnchorVelocityTool threw exception java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: java.lang.Class: method getSimpleName()Ljava/lang/String; not found @ resources/velocity/templ/html/javadoc/allclasses-frame.vm[15,70]

    Caused by: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: java.lang.Class: method getSimpleName()Ljava/lang/String; not found


  2. Crap! I use a method that’s not available in Notes 7.0.x 😦 I’ll do the change for v. 2.0.0 which goes out this week. Thanks. I’ll post here when I’ve done the change and drop you an e-mail as well.


  3.  Mikkel,

    lsdoc.org is down and e-mails are bouncing back – is this intentional? If yes, it’s such a shame, I would be happy to host the pages for you


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