Sametime 8.5

Lotus Sametime 8.5 Beta for the new meeting rooms have been added to and it looks great.

“Sametime 8.5 Meetings are an entirely new way to collaborate with others online. Sametime Meetings are incredibly easy to use. Fully integrated into the Connect client you already use for chat, they make it simple to join a meeting with a single click; invite others by dragging their names from the contact list; upload materials via drag and drop; even share your screen from the Macintosh operating system. Of course, not everyone can participate via a Sametime Connect client, so 8.5 includes a zero-download, firewall friendly browser client as well.

Sametime Meetings are also different. Meeting rooms are reservationless and don’t require scheduling. They can be instantly created and linked to calendar invitations from Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook. Sametime Meeting Rooms can be persistent. You can use the same room over and over for regular meetings and keep frequently used materials on hand during the course of the project.

Learn more about it by going here. Stay tuned for more Sametime capabilities to be available on Lotus Greenhouse soon.”