Stumbled upon interesting URLs from the Notes 8 client

So I was trying some stuff in Notes 8.5.1 yesterday and stumbled upon the following two URLs which I found quite interesting:

  • notes:///clientbookmark?openworkspace
  • notes:///clientbookmark?openreplication

These are of course probably 100.000% unsupported but in my Notes 8.5.1 client they do exactly what they say. The first open the workspace and the latter the replicator. That’s cool! They probably also work all the way back to Notes 8.

Happy Friday!

One thought on “Stumbled upon interesting URLs from the Notes 8 client”

  1. I may be wrong but I believe this goes way back to R5(?) days when we were trying to make some items accessible from a browser and show how the client interacts with the browsers.


    You could do this all day with any db, like this:

    notes:///names.nsf?openview to bring up the pnab

    It’s a neat little thing, could some developer make use of it to steal your data in theory I wonder?


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