Enabling Quickr entry in Quickr Connectors 8.2

Apparently entry places are not enabled by default in the Quickr Connectors with Quickr 8.2. To enable these entry places refer to technote 1388263 (For Lotus Quickr 8.2, enable or disable Entry when using connectors for Microsoft Windows Explorer, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft Office applications).

3 thoughts on “Enabling Quickr entry in Quickr Connectors 8.2”

  1. Thanks for the update – that is a big help.  I am still unable to use the QUICKR ENTRY from LOTUS EMAIL – to save to Personal Files (the QUICKR ENTRY places). This fix does correct the issue for Windows Explorer, et.al. but not Lotus Notes.  Are you seeing this behaviour for 8.2 connectors?


    This is a comment from the TECHNOTE:

    Note: For the Lotus Notes and Lotus Sametime connectors, Quickr Entry will remain enabled. These steps will not affect these connectors above Entry disable command doesn’t take effect to these connectors. 


  2. But when he saves an EMAIL ATTACHMENT in NOTES – does he have the QUICKR ENTRY site as one he can SAVE to….
    I can’t seem to save to any QUICKR ENTRY site thru the CONNECTOR at all – only thru the web interface…
    I am on 8.5.1 Notes – 8.2 Connectors


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