Configure Eclipse 3.4 for Notes 8.5.1

With the eminent release of Notes 8.5.1 it will become important for all you plugin guys and gals to update your configuration to work with Notes 8.5.1. This post will address this.

One of the really nice things about this new release is how Lotus strive to minimize the disk footprint of the install package. Part of this involves how jar-files are stored in the installed package but also how many Java VM’s ship with Notes. Previously there were 2 JVM’s – now there’s only one. There’s no longer a JRE stored in the plugin directory way down in the directory structure. Now you simply use the JVM in <Notes install dir>/jvm – simple right?!

This is nice but it means that your Eclipse configuration needs to be a little different JVM wise. I have therefore updated my Eclipse configuration guidelines to work with Notes 8.5.1.

Happy coding…

Please note: Once Notes 8.5.1 is final and released I’ll update the guidelines with the correct install id etc.

8 thoughts on “Configure Eclipse 3.4 for Notes 8.5.1”

  1. If you are a Mac developer and you would like to configure your Eclipse with the Mac Notes client 8.5.1, then please tell IBM about it, for example in <a href="">this blog posting in Bob Balfes blog</a>.

    There is no Expeditor toolkit for the Mac and Mikkel’s configuration steps won’t help you either, because they don’t work for the Mac.

    It is possible to configure the Mac Eclipse client with Lotus Notes 8.5.1 (actually I’m doing this on my machine, but the procedure is under NDA), but the instructions have not been published yet on the web.

    If you want them, ask IBM. The more, the better. They need the feedback, that there is a demand for it in the developer community.


  2. Sure I have been using XPD toolkit and recommend it to all ‘newbies’ but as long as i’m using code drops I prefer the manual procedure. It is still very easy and only three text strings to modify between drops.


  3. I think I got a little lost on something. I’m using Eclipse Galileo from developerWorks.

    On the "Target Platform", I had a single target definition called "Running Platform (Active)"  that I had to edit in order to get it to look like your screen shot. Also, I left the "${eclipse_home}" location there. Do you know of any issues if I leave that there?

    Other than that, it looks cool. Thanks!!!

    Now, I’m off to start playing… so .. any suggestion on where I could begin? :o)

    Thanks a million for this man


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