Getting married tomorrow

Well it’s now officially Friday here in Denmark which means I’m getting married tomorrow morning. How crazy is that?! Wish me “luck” and cross your fingers for beautiful whether in Denmark and send happy thoughts my way… 🙂

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  1. hey welcome to our world 🙂 your life will never been the same , only think i regret it not asking my wife sonner.  Life is great ….. 🙂 grats to both of you .


  2. but my 18 year old sister with the $10,000,000 inheritance and who won Miss Australia three years running is crazy about you and she’s arriving in Denmark on Monday and I gave her your phone number and everything…

    Ah well… have a great wedding anyway 😉


  3. Congratulation… hope it is a great day and wishing you many year of happiness together.  

    Now I am just waiting to see if you tweet the ceremony 🙂


  4. Goodluck Mikkel.. Just tell your wife-to-be, you are no “Yes” man! If your wife says “No”, you say “No” to… 😉

    I know you want good weather, but a little rain in the morning is traditionally a bit of luck for on your nuptuals.

    All the best…


  5. I wish you all the best for tomorrow and the rest of your life. Hope it will be a great day, but NOT the greatest in your life – these should be coming afterwards 🙂


  6. So Lekkimworld will soon be Ettemworld. Prepare yourself for new drapes, cushions, and allsorts of pastel-coloured stuff.

    Nah – I’m just kidding (maybe!).

    Congratulations to both of you!


  7. <span style=”font-weight: bold;”>Congratulations!</span>

    Twenty-five years ago this month I was married. Marriage is the single thing that I have done which resulted in the biggest quality-of-life improvement. And we made and kept a commitment to work on the relationship all the time. We did pre-marital counseling and we meet with other couples every month in our local marrage enrichment group.

    A good marriage, like good code, requires some quality assurance.

    Peace, Love, Laughter,



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