LotusScript.doc v.2 survey

So it’s been a while since I last wrote about LotusScript.doc v.2 but rest asssured that the project isn’t dead. Not by a long shot. I have picked up developing LotusScript.doc v.2 again and the code is actually 99% done. I’m currently putting the final touches to the code for a public beta release.

Part of the goals for v.2 is getting ready for Domino Designer on Eclipse (DDE) and making sure that v.2 supports application development as DDE provides for it. Part of this is getting an overview of how you guys use the application. For this I have created a survey I would like you to fill in.

Thank you in advance.

Click Here to take survey

3 thoughts on “LotusScript.doc v.2 survey”

  1. Just a reminder…

    Did you ever look into my idea for an alternate syntax choice, starting with two apostrophes?


    ‘  This is a lotusscript.doc comment.

    ‘ @author: Brian Miller



  2. LotusScript.doc v.2 will use a pluggable approach for commenting styles so you could use the provided ones (the current syntax, %REM sections) or write your own. Writing your own will be very easy.


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