Don’t install Notes in the default location if doing Notes plug-in development

A little while back I was contacted by a fellow Yellow-head who had some issues with some plug-in development for Notes 8. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to help him at the time but when he some head scratching time later found the answer he was kind enough to share it. I thought I would share it here in case it can help someone.

From the offset the issue looked simple as it had to do with the good old nlsxbe which is normally caused by the binary Notes directory not being on the path. The issue was however a bit twisted as the error raised complained about the filename or extension being too long.

java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: nlsxbe
   (The filename or extension is too long. )

What our good Yellow-head found out was that the issue was caused by his install location of the Notes client. Specifically he had installed his client in “C:Archivos de programaIBMLotusNotes” which is the default location for his OS. This however means that the path to the notes.jar for plug-ins becomes “C:Archivos de” which is too long a path (longer than 128 characters). Installing Notes in “C:program filesIBMLotusNotes” solved the issue.

So if you run into weird issues like this check your install path or choose an English copy of Windows! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Don’t install Notes in the default location if doing Notes plug-in development”

  1. Hi Mikkel, I haven’t had the problem with PATH being too long, but I HAVE had problems with spaces embedded in the Notes directory path. The default install is in "program files", which, of course has an embedded space. i always recommed to people to install in a top-level, 8.3-compatible folder. Saves typing, if nothing else.


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