Upgraded to Notes 8.5 GOLD

With Lotusphere 2009 and my session done I upgraded to Notes 8.5 yesterday from the beta version I have been using so far. Upgrade was uneventful and my Notes client is working fine today and my demos today went just fine. Only issue I have is launching Notes from Eclipse. When upgrading from previous beta versions I just had to update the JVM config, the install_id and the rcp_version in my Eclipse launch configuration but after upgrading to Notes 8.5 GOLD I’m getting strange JAAS errors (Eclipse not being able to locate the NOTES LoginContext configuration). I will have to look into this tomorrow when I’m in the office or simply change my Eclipse configuraion to use the Lotus Expeditor toolkit 6.2 instead of my own configuration.

2 thoughts on “Upgraded to Notes 8.5 GOLD”

  1. Using the Expeditor toolkit made it quiet easy to get it running, I had to reconfigure some plugin settings to get it work though if I remember correctly. Don’t know what exactly I had to change, but if I could find it out, you should be able to solve it aswell 😉


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