Lotusphere 2009: Preferences in SWT components

On the demos I have done for my Lotusphere 2009 session is a demo on how to use the extension point to extend the preferences dialog box (File/Preferences…) in Notes 8. As always a demo makes it easier to comprehend so download and explore to your heart’s content. Questions are welcome here or at Lotusphere.


Otherwise I recommend the Eclipse User Settings FAQ

3 thoughts on “Lotusphere 2009: Preferences in SWT components”

  1. Hi Mikkel

    I tried to run this package using Eclipse 3.2.2 and Expeditor 6.1.2 but the process stops with an error message:
    "Failed to login CLFRJ0010E: Notes Initialization failed."

    Or maybe I should not be able to do this?

    Best regards from Ove


  2. Do you know anyway of checking what categories exist already in Notes – in particular, I just want to add on to a particular preference section that exists…


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