Doclinks and default views

After spending a fair time troubleshooting an agent that send out e-mail I found the problem and the reason it didn’t run. Once again it was because you apparently cannot create a doclink to a document in a database that doesn’t have a default view. Why that is I do not know but that was the case… Again! I seen this before but it continues to amaze me.

3 thoughts on “Doclinks and default views”

  1. One of the more puzzling “features” of Lotus Notes… also catches me once a year.

    Another great one is when no form is set as the default. Most of the application works for a week or two and out of nowhere it decides to throw out random errors: “No default form” or something similar.

    Best advice: always set the default view and form.


  2. Yeah, that bites people all the time. To help folks avoid the problem, <a href="">SuperNTF</a&gt; includes a default view that is simply a SELECT @All with a single column showing UNID. That avoids problems should the default view only contain "active" status docs for example, and an old link won’t find it’s document if it has been closed subsequent to the link being sent.

    SuperNTF’s default form (cryptically named "SYSTEM – Smart Default Form") uses Andre Guirard’s technique of dynamically displaying a list of all a document’s items should that document’s form not be in the application.

    Seems to work pretty well.


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