TwitNotes – 1.0.6 released to the update site

I just released TwitNotes 1.0.6 to the update site and if you’re using TwitNotes you should upgrade. The reason for the update isn’t functionality but because changed the way the API method for verifying credentials works. For more info see the comments to my post from last night (TwitNotes stopped working today 😦).

To upgrade simply follow the installation guidelines on the TwitNotes page.

5 thoughts on “TwitNotes – 1.0.6 released to the update site”

  1. I’ve updated to the latest release but the log in does not work correctly for me. The account settings for TwitNotes are correct (username/password) but after loading another log in appears in the TwitNotes plug-in. I re-enter my credentials (no error) but updates get published by "JDoe" from "unspecified application". Anyone else having this problem?


  2. Hi Mikkel,
    I’m using your TwitNotes plugin, but it has problems with switching Locations/IDs. When I switch from my work location/ID to my home location/ID or vice versa it’s giving me errors:
    Multiple problems have occurred
    Updating dropdown boxes in Twitter search component with followers
    Updating dropdown boxes in Twitter search component with followers
    Updating dropdown with followers


  3. Yeah I know. There is an issue with this as the TwitNotes plugin is using the Accounts API (basically reads username/password from the local names.nsf). Issue here is that sometimes the access is restricted when on different user id. An alternative is to handle this manually in the plug-in but you’re right it doesn’t do this now.

    Generally switching locations in the newer Notes versions is a pain incl. with Sametime.


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