Lotusphere 2009: BALD!?

I haven’t heard/read any other bloggers mention it so I might as well do it – the Bloggers Anual Lotusphere Dinner aka BALD. As has been the case the previous years I assume we’ll meet up at the Brewery on the boardwalk on Saturday before Lotusphere around 5 PM for a pint or 5…

I’m flying in Friday to make sure I’m there! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Lotusphere 2009: BALD!?”

  1. We normally meet a little earlier actually, about 2pm.

    And if you land in time on Friday we’ll probably meet up at Raglan Road at Pleasure Island for a beer and dinner.


  2. Yes Bald! Saturday afternoon at the Brewery on the Boardwalk. This I believe will be the fifth BALD or maybe 6.

    Everybody is invited! Also as Matt said – Friday night at Raglan Road.


  3. I plan to be at BALD some time on Saturday afternoon before I have to go ‘practice" for Business development day. So  I’ll have to behave and not imbibe too much with you bloggers… well, at least not on Saturday afternoon, anyway.


  4. And of course, after you’re done eating, be sure and stop over at ESPN Club and party with the Gonzo Lotusphere Gathering, we should get started around 8, so plenty of time.

    Then again, I probably ought to come out and dine with y’all, since I’ve been doing this stuff for almost 12 years now, this "blogging" as you young’uns call it.


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