Lotusphere 2009: Demo showing off the extensibility of Notes 8

Part of my preparation for Lotusphere is preparing my session presentation as well as preparing demos for the session. One of the demos is an example of the different extension points available to you as a plug-in developer. As a general rule most of what you see in Notes 8 can be extended.

The demo I did this afternoon is a demo that shows how you might extend the search capability of Lotus Notes by adding your own search provider. In lack of better example I did an search provider that searches the IBM whois service. When the plug-in is loaded you see an additional entry in the search box in the upper right corner of the Notes client. When you submit the search I search the IBM whois service, parse the resulting HTML page and present the results in main search result UI. All in all the demo took me 1,5 hours to do with the HTML parsing being the most difficult part.

Imagine a similar plug-in for your organization to search for license codes, product numbers, DHL tracking codes… The possibilities are endless.

If you’re looking for specific demos you would like to see please let me know…

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