Lotusphere 2009: Session abstract and thoughts on the session

As posted previously I’m so fortunate as have been given a session slot at Lotusphere 2009. The session is titled “From Notes Java developer to Notes 8 plugin developer” and have the below abstract.

“Attend this session to learn the basics for leveraging your Notes Java development skills to start building plugins for the Notes 8.x client. Learn about the extensible nature of Notes 8, how to build plugins (not just for the sidebar) and how to create your own extension points to allow your plugins to be extensible. Bring your Eclipse IDE…”

I have loads of contents for the session and I’m trying to figure out how to limit myself and how to best provide all the information I would like to convey. I’m thinking of trying to gather a set of downloads to go with the session and a couple of followup blog posts to furter elaborate on the demos I showed. I already have about 10 fully documented sample sidebar plug-ins for people attending the session and I create more every day showing everything from basic viewers to animation to REST API usage to drag’n’drop to basic Notes data access while retaining a responsive UI.

If you have specific questions let me know by commenting on the blog. I’m very interested in hearing what YOU want to hear about and if YOU have specific questions.

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