You speak SPNEGO? If not get out your dictionary at once since lower TCO is in sight if you do…

So the new abbreviation you have to learn is SPNEGO. SPNEGO is a stadardized protocol for single-sign-on (SSO) between diverse systems. The purpose of the protocol is to provide SSO between the operating system and the services you use whether they be on the web or client applications. Basically it means that the credentials of your Windows logon is automatically used and you are logged transparently into any services that are SPNEGO aware (of cause there are provisions for mapping credentials between systems as well).

So what does this mean for you as a Lotus professional?

An easier life is what it will eventually mean. For now SPNEGO can be configured with Lotus Connections since it runs on Websphere Application Server. In fact there was an article on this just recently on developerWorks (SPNEGO TAI: Using single sign-on from Windows to WebSphere Application Server). In the near future you will start laughing as it will be the SSO protocol for Notes 8.5 and maybe even for the Domino HTTP server as well.

This will mean better ease-of-use for users and it will mean a dramatically lowered TCO for Lotus technology as all Lotus products will be able to use industry standard SSO technologies probably even without additional costly SSO software.

How do you like them apples? 🙂

One thought on “You speak SPNEGO? If not get out your dictionary at once since lower TCO is in sight if you do…”

  1. Mikkel, have you done anything more with SPNEGO in recent time? Maybe something like TDIforSPNEGO? What kind of server did you need/use? Have you done it in a VM with the whole setup in it–and would be willing to share it?

    The reason this comes up today is a Cisco Call Manager, Presence, Unity Connection installation and the utopian desire for 0 end user setup and SSO. As of now, CiscoCM, P, UC are all defined to use MS-AD-LDAP sAMAccountName instead of IBM-Domino-LDAP CN since Cisco has so far refused to provide a support statement for Domino (A Cisco Product Manager is said to have stated.."we don’t support Domino since we’ve only had 1 or 2 requests for it"). I have a consideration for using the Pistolstar $$ Domino plugin, but it seems that SPNEGO may get us more overall value in the end.

    We’re broken today due to Domino/Sametime CN mismatch with Cisco CM, P, UC.


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