LotusScript.doc – development has begun (again)

So, inspired by many kind e-mails of encouragement, I’m restarting the development of LotusScript.doc v.2 (once again). The main difference is that this time I have actually set aside some time for the development during the weeekend and sent my girl friend off to Barcelona to avoid being disturbed… 🙂

Based on prior and recent recommendations I have also set up a place to donate money to finance my development of the free version of LotusScript.doc version 2. Any donations will be very much appreciated to justify the time I put into this.

Look forward to an update during the weekend.

2 thoughts on “LotusScript.doc – development has begun (again)”

  1. Yeah! I’ve been using it for a while, but I find some things don’t work like I expect. My application is kind of an extreme example, though. When it works, it’s awesome though. Even for the code where comments don’t display correctly, just the fact that you’ve developed this standard is appreciated. Thanks for all the work.


  2. Hi Mikkel,
    thanks a lot! Your work is very much appreciated not only by us but by many of my customers as well.
    I just tried to donate but using the paypal interface is a major PITA and when I finally managed to get a button where I could submit my donation I only got "Sorry – your last action could not be completed".
    I will not try to donate again today, since I will wait a few days to see whether or not paypal will charge me. I’ll let you know.
    If all else fails I can still give you some cash the the ‘Sphere 🙂


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