A couple of reasons why the update site template in Notes 8 is cool!

Here’s a couple of reasons why the Eclipse Update Site template supplied with Notes 8 is a killer template and why it’s preferable to use from a Notes users perspective (get the pun?):

  1. Update Site accessible over NRCP (only by Notes clients) or HTTP.
  2. Easy to host on a Domino server even without running the HTTP task.
  3. Replication to other servers.
  4. Easy to control access with ACL.
  5. Easy overview of categories, plugins and features.
  6. Easy to update the update site URL for all/selected features without rebuilding.

If you’ve been doing plugin/feature packaging in Eclipse you’ll really appreciate item number 6.

4 thoughts on “A couple of reasons why the update site template in Notes 8 is cool!”

  1. Thanks, I have been meaning to check this thing out. I can definitely see the value of it behind the corporate firewall. Do you know if this template supports Equinox p2 metadata? ..are we even going to see p2 under the covers of Notes 8.5?


  2. I would think so. Looking at the backend documents the manifest.mf is stored in its entirety in an item and some data extracted for presentation. The same is true for features.

    As to p2 for Notes I wouldn’t bet on it though it would be cool. Notes 8.5 is based on Eclipse 3.4 so the code to handle auto deployment is probably there. Whether it will be supported is another matter. One problem I can see is that the dropins folder should be moved somewhere under the Notes data directory for starters.


  3. The only thing I wish it had was the ability to delete a feature, versus deleting all the features. 

    I know why it’s like this, but it doesn’t mean I can’t dream 🙂


  4. But then again it’s modifying a XML-file and optionally reverting to an older version of the feature if available. In my mind managing the dependencies of the features is not the job of this database.


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