How to install a Lotus Connections fix (which is different from a fixpack)

Previously I installed Lotus Connections 2.0 fixpack 1 and it took me a while to figure out the syntax so I blogged it. Now I just installed a fix and that too took some figuring out so here is the syntax.

I had to install the LO32615 fix from IBM Lotus (issues with the work location fields) and the syntax is as follows:

  1. Follow the steps in the post I link to above but don’t invoke the updateLC.bat command
  2. Use this command: updateLC.bat -fix -install -installDir <Lotus Connections install dir> -fixDir <path to where the fix jar-file is stored on your system> -fixes <the name of the fix (here LO32615)> -wasUserId <WAS userid> -wasPassword <WAS password>

One thought on “How to install a Lotus Connections fix (which is different from a fixpack)”

  1. Hello,

    You could have used the GUI installer of the UpdateInstaller foor Connections also. Which is much easier to handle.

    This doesn’t work for the FixpAck you are right about that. But for Fixes it does it work as it should be. The command for the GUI is.


    And you need to run the setupCmdLine.bat from your WebSphere Profile directory before you can run the GUI version of the Update Installer.


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