TwitNotes – proxy support in v. 1.0.5

So TwitNotes has been out for a while now and I have been discussing various aspects of the application with users. One of the issues that come up time and time again is proxy support. The proxies supported by TwitNotes v. 1.0.5 are the proxies supported by the Notes version you’re using.

One of the issues I discovered is that the proxy configuration in location documents doesn’t seem to work all the time. Sometimes the proxy configuration is only picked up from the “Network Connections” page under Preferences. Another observation is that only the “Manual proxy configuration” option seems to work.

Your miles may vary and please let me know if you have proxy issues.

One thought on “TwitNotes – proxy support in v. 1.0.5”

  1. This likely the issue that I am facing right now. The proxy configuration is set via some Netware scripts that run when I login to my laptop.

    I plan to set the Internet Explorer proxy settings manually tomorrow after I get on the network and see if it changes anything. Please confirm that the network settings you are referring to are at the OS level and not something else in the Notes configuration.


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