lekkimworld.com going dark for a while

Just found out I have to change hosting provider for my blog. Since I haven’t got a new provider on hand I’m going dark for a few days until I find a hosting provider that suits me. I’m looking for a place where I can host Tomcat apps and have about 1GB of storage at an affordable price. Suggestions more than welcome.

See you on the other side…

One thought on “lekkimworld.com going dark for a while”

  1. I’ve been on MediaTemple for a couple of years now and have been really happy with their service.  I got my old company to set up a couple rails apps and host their main site on it as well and things went quite smoothly.

    I don’t think their entry-level grid-service would support tomcat, but if you jump up to the dedicated-virtual level (Starts at $50 US/Month) you get root access and total control to install whatever you want.  They are totally set up as a grid computing service so you don’t get a physical box, rather a dedicated amount of virtual resources in their grid, this also allows them to offer bursting and such in case you ever get a spike of traffic.

    I’m starting to sound like a salesman, so I think that’s plenty 😛


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