Possibly a fantastic tool for Notes 8 education

Last night I stumbled over an amazing article on the developerWorks site and it’s just fantastic. Not that the articles normally aren’t good but this article introduce a Lotus Expeditor tool that could prove invaluable for many Notes 8 shops for use in Notes 8 training or for use in Notes 8 plug-in development. Although the tool was written for Lotus Expeditor it installs just fine under Notes 8.0.1 without any problems at all.

The tool is called the Personal Wizard plug-in and is, from what I can see, developed by Vittorio Castelli from IBM. The tool allows you to record user interface interactions in the Lotus Expeditor/Notes 8 client and play the interactions back. Either by you or by another person you send the procedure. You can also save/load procedures to/from the filesystem.

In this way the tool can be used to automate test procedures and as a way to create end-user education. The tool allows you to step through a procedure (useful for education) or run it as a macro which is useful for development/testing. The tool is a little rough around the edges but it is definitely worth a look.

Using the Personal Wizards plug-in in IBM Lotus Expeditor

2 thoughts on “Possibly a fantastic tool for Notes 8 education”

  1. Hi Mikkel,

    funny this Wizard installs and runs without problems in Notes 8.0.1? I reacted the same way as you and thought it was a wonderful tool for training/tutorials in ND8. So I started by sending the programmer Lawrence D Bergman a question:

    "thanks for a great Developerworks article on the Wizards plug-in for the Expeditor platform. Sounds like a great tool! I’m a Notes/Domino developer. Could this plug-in be deployed and made work in the Notes 8 client?"

    The answer I received from Lawrence was:

    "We do not have a version available for Notes.  Personal Wizards captures/replays events from widgets that come either from the Eclipse SWT library, or a set of widgets built for Expeditor.  Notes has it’s own set of widgets; making Personal Wizards "aware" of the Notes widgets would be quite a bit of work.  We don’t see doing this at this point in time unless there’s a groundswell of interest from the Notes community."

    So, is your experience that Personal Wizards are aware of the Notes widgets and their events, or is your first tests limited to only Eclipse/Expeditor Widgets?

    Thankx for a great blog.


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