Meeting Manager finally out

OnTime Meeting Manager is done! When I joined IntraVision in October Meeting Manager was almost ready, but not completely. Now the product is done and out the door – kudos to the team for putting in the extra hours to get the product done and out the door.

Warning – product plug comming up… 🙂

The product is called OnTime Meeting Manager and is an extension of the Rooms and Resouces feature of Notes/Domino. Meeting Manager extends R&R by handling booking multiple rooms at once, across time zones, booking catering (coffee, tea, lunch etc.) and by giving you fine grained control over calendar invites. MM even lets you invite invitees based on geography which is nice to reduce travel. Below is a small snippet from the release newsletter.

“Managing meetings and facilities can be time consuming. It involves a number of people and processes within your organisation. OnTime Meeting Manager is your one-stop meeting organiser – your personal electronic assistant – dedicated to making the process of organising meetings quick and efficient, leaving you free to concentrate on what’s central to your business.

OnTime Meeting Manager focuses on streamlining the process of making invitations, booking meeting rooms, ordering catering and reserving resources. At the same time, Management gains a clear overview of all the meetings within the organisation.”