TwitNotes v. 1.0.1 available

TwitNotes v. 1.0.1 is now available from the update site. This release solves the following issues:

  • Text not wrapping on Windows XP (solved using custom PaintListener). An unfortunate side effect is that long posts with long words are being truncated – I’m working on a solution to this.
  • Image disappearing when selecting a row (solved by widening the image column as described here)
  • XML entities not being correctly unescaped that is posts show & etc. (solved using Apache Commons Lang StringEscapeUtils.unescapeXml(String))

To update go to File/Application/Install and select “Search for updates of the currently installed features” and follow the directions on screen (almost like installing in the first place).

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5 thoughts on “TwitNotes v. 1.0.1 available”

  1. wraps on windows xp.

    2 minor issues:

    – if the eclipse ehem I mean the notes 8.0.1 basic client is disconnected with the internet, the exception should be catched to pop up a user friendly error message.

    – I am not sure: are you using job api for multithreading? It gave me the impression that it hangs a very little bit. Its better to use job api for longer background tasks as fetching the new entries from the server and posting a new twitter entry.


  2. Great job and thanks for fixing photo. When you say there is an issue still with long posts being truncated you mean that the fourth line is not visible (or at least only the very top of each character is)? Or am I seing something different?

    I also noticed some sort of threading issue… when in the office where Proxy blocks access if I click Refresh the whole Notes client seems to hang for a while while it tries.



  3. Yes that is what I mean with the truncation. The problem is that I cannot set the table row height so I need to figure something else out. When the connection cannot be made due to (for now) missing proxy support or no connection the client would hang a little. I’m looking using the XPD api’s to find out when no network connection is available.


  4. Yes, wrapping works fine now. If only  the row height problem and the hangs if not connected would be fixed than it would be even better 🙂 anyway, great application. Thanks.


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