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I have reading a little on Lotus Notes Traveler and have found some tidbits I need to remember such as links, port numbers etc. Please excuse the use of the <blink> tag below but the fact that self-signed certificates doesn’t work is, IMO, *very* important to notice. You should also notice the requirement that the server have Manager access to mail files.

  • From “Installing the server”: The Domino server that is hosting the Lotus Notes Traveler server must have Manager access to all user mail files. This task can be accomplished by making the Domino server part of the LocalDomainServers group.
  • It’s possible to auto-configure clients using a “bootstrap” file (Configuring the server/Creating the bootstrap file)
  • New Traveler notes.ini settings
  • Default port number is 8642 for autosync (TCP port number and host addresses that device clients can use to register with the Lotus Notes Traveler AUTOSYNC server.)
  • Default port number is 50125 for IPC (Inter process socket connection between Lotus Notes Traveler Server and its HTTP server servlet. Add this notes.ini setting to override the default port number and optionally the host address.)
  • Troubleshooting:
    • To see if running: look for traveler.exe in the Microsoft Windows® Task Manager
    • Verifying directory access: tell traveler show >user<
    • Stats: Traveler.*
  • Known limitations:
    • Rich Text is not supported
    • Encryption is not supported
    • “Retrieve Full Email” is not available for Drafts
    • Self-signed certificates do not work with Lotus Notes Traveler clients.
  • Domino 8.0.1 release notes

5 thoughts on “Stuff from the Lotus Traveler Info Center”

  1. For Self-Signed Certificates: You could maybe try:

    I’ve never tried that…  but I do know "Self-signed certificates do not work with Lotus Notes Traveler clients" is more a statement that Windows Mobile Devices don’t support self-signed certificates, and less a limitation of traveler.

    I think that device manufactures do this as a point of security.


  2. Self Signed Certs now work in Domino 8.0.2 and the new Traveler Update, which also provides for DWA for the IPhone. The Traveler update also includes some fixes to the Traveler software, and now supports Windows mobile 6.1


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