Learning the ropes (pun intended)

I discovered this article through my developerWorks subscription and it was an interesting read. I picked up on the article since I do a lot of String manipulation in LotusScript.doc but hardly in the the 50MB range as described in the article. Still I think you should read the article if you

  1. like to learn new API’s
  2. like to think outside the box
  3. do stuff in Java

Article abstract:

“Systems that manipulate large quantities of string data are poorly served by the Java language’s default String and StringBuilder classes. A rope data structure can be a better alternative. This article introduces Ropes for Java, a rope implementation for the Java platform; explores performance issues; and provides pointers for effective use of the library.”

developerWorks: Ropes: Theory and practice – Why and when to use Ropes for Java for string manipulations