IBM Tivoli Composite Application Management

Anyone who have tried this piece of software? Is it a server install, does it have client agents (most errors would probably be generated locally), does it support Notes 8? Below is the description from

“Application management is difficult because code has been written by various sources (outsourced, consultant or internal development). Composite applications further complicate management because applications are created by linking various pieces together (web servers, databases, web services, etc.). When there is a problem with the application, you may have an indication of the problem, but it is very difficult to pin point where the problem is without end to end composite application monitoring software.”

Direct link: IBM Tivoli Composite Application Management

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  1. I’ve been to some of the training and hosted a presentation on ITCAM at the Atlanta WebSphere Users Group in November.

    While this is a good product, it is not what you think.  IBM has at least 3 different definitions for what a ‘composite application’ is.  ITCAM refers to the version which sees multiple web servers/services as a composite application (i.e. SOA).  This is not a tool to work directly with the Notes / Expeditor / Portal based composite applications, although it could monitor the servers and services supporting your application.

    There are versions of ITCAM for WebSphere, for Web Resources (i.e. other web and Java servers), Resource Time Tracking, SOA, etc.  ITCAM is basically a monitoring tool.  There is a central reporting server that collects data from agents on the servers being tracked and provides a nice interface for reviewing server performance and configuration settings.

    We did a lot of WebSphere server performance tuning last Summer and really could have used ITCAM’s tools for determining the best configuration.  From a Lotus standpoint, this would be a good tool for monitoring and tuning Lotus Connections, Quickr, or Portal infrastructure.

    On the higher end, ITCAM can also tie into Tivoli’s networking and service management tools.


  2. Given that all the talk there is about J2EE implementations and websites, I have a feeling that the tool is not intended to manage "composite applications" as we know them in the Lotus world.  I think they’re talking enterprise websites that composite together sales & inventory systems.


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