Lotusphere 2008: Kick ass appdev info!

Besides being in the showcase today I went to the “Meet the developers” lab today and spent the better part of 2 hours in there talking to various developers on the Sametime Connect client team and Sametime server team. Special thanks to Jessica Ramirez from the Connect client team for taking the time.

Besides getting some invaluable help with my own sidebar component I got exactly the info I needed on how to send richtext through the Sametime Java API – it’s not straight forward, not documented and not something you figure out on your own. Suffice to say it includes knowing the right hex codes and correct data structures. Jessica actually brought up the actual source code of the Sametime Connect client to show how it’s done!

What’s an important lesson from this that if you need some piece of information go and ask!

3 thoughts on “Lotusphere 2008: Kick ass appdev info!”

  1. Ah OK.

    Hey sorry I didn’t get time to come to your booth, I would have really liked to have met you in person.  Someone with an equal passion for Sametime as me I believe 😀



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