Lotusphere 2008: AD204 – finally got to ask!

I went to session AD204 (Customizing the Look of IBM Lotus Notes 8: Coding Tips and UI Guidelines) by Mary Beth Raven and Matthew Hatem to hear about the just published user guidelines for Notes applications. The session was good, although a little short (just 40 minutes). After the session I got to ask two questions to Mary Beth Raven.

  1. May we as developers use the gif’s and png’s from the plug-ins supplied by IBM Lotus in our own applications? (try searching your Notes 8 install directory for *.png and/or *.gif to see all the nice icons).
  2. Why isn’t one of the personas used throughout the Notes 8 development based in a country using the metric system and A4 letter format?

For question number 1 Mary Beth had to check back with IBM Legal so keep up with her blog for an answer. If she answers me by e-mail only I’ll be sure to post about it here.

Question number 2 was popular based on the applause anyway. I have asked the question before on her blog but with no answer so it was nice to finally get an answer. The reply was that there is one persona that does have the metric system and A4 as a preference but she agreed that the priority needed to be changed. As such it was taken to note by Mary Beth and her manager sitting in the audience so that’s nice. We have to keep her to it!

This is another reason to come to Lotusphere!

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