2007 in review

On the last days of the year, and the first ones of the new one, it is common to look backwards and try to judge how one did and look forwards towards the new year. Personally 2007 has been a busy year with lots of changes and personal achievements. All in all it’s been a great year. 2008 is also shaping up nicely and I’m confidant that it’s gonna be a great year as well. Below are my take on 2007.

Lotusphere 2007

There should be no doubt that my speaking slot at Lotusphere 2007 was one of the personal highs of 2007. It had been a long time ambition and IMHO it went great. Although it was scary to be the one that had to start speaking once the music stopped it was a great experience and when I read the feedback it was all worth it. Thanks to those who submitted all the positive feedback. Lotusphere 2007 ended with another high when lekkimworld.com was highlighted at the closing session with my Notes 8 – SUPER.HUMAN software? post.

After Lotusphere 2007 I had a nice vacation in New York with my girlfriend. A very nice, although very cold, week in the Big Apple. The vacation ended with another high when my big brother and his girlfriend had their first child – a charming and super-cute boy. We were still in New York when my brother called and delivered the happy news. The birth date means that the annual Lotusphere vacation will be before Lotusphere in years to come so I can be home on my Godsons birthday.

The start of March meant skiing in Austria with friends – a nice break from the job. Although the skiing wasn’t so great in general it was still a nice vacation and so nice off-piste skiing…


April meant starting on version 2 of LotusScript.doc. It’s a complete rewrite from the ground up in Java. It is almost done and I only lack writing some of the comment parsing (not as much as it sounds like). I really wanted it to be done for Lotusphere 2008 but it’s probably not going to happen since I’m spending a lot of time on a company product which needs to be demoed at Lotusphere 2008. I’m trying to get it done though – maybe just for a limited release. The new release fixes most of the present limitations and makes it a framework that should be usable when Domino Designer is released for Eclipse.

Summer meant starting to rebuild the apartment to a two-story apartment by adding an additional 80 square meters (approx. 860 square feet) from the old attic. The rebuilding is still work-in-progress but we’re getting there and we hope to be done Q12008. Although it’s gonna be nice it also meant managing a full time job, a girlfriend, exercising and rebuilding the apartment. Maybe a little much at one time. It meant that I decided to cancel my yearly trip to the mountains where I normally go and ride my bike. It was a tough decision but the right one I think. Looking back I cannot see how I would have managed otherwise.

Come August I was *very* honored to be included in the IBM AppDev Design Partner Program for Notes/Domino NMFR (next major feature release). Nathan puts it nicely – being on regular conference calls with all the stars from Lotus and so many brilliant people from the Lotus blogosphere is really inspiring. It means I’m even more committed to Lotus and means that I’m investing even more in the Lotus brand. I don’t really think that’s possible but I want to… 🙂

Oh – if you think that the partners and customers on these calls are sucking up to IBM you’re wrong! People respect each other but also has no problem “telling truth to power”. I try to keep my mouth shut but it’s difficult… 😉 I’m also happy to say that the conversations we have had online and offline has already had significant impacts on NMFR. They’re definitely listening!

Winds of change

In October another big change occurred. I stopped being self-employed and joined IntraVision ApS a Notes/Domino shop here in Denmark. You probably already know of IntraVision from “our” Ontime calendar suite of tools and/or from “us” winning a Lotus Award in the “Best Messaging and Collaboration Solution” category at Lotusphere 2007.

Technology-wise IntraVision is on the cutting edge and deals with a both a larger customer base and larger installations. Joining IntraVision was a difficult move but I think it has been the right one for my career. It means that I have more options and work with a broader set of Lotus technologies. I’m currently on a Lotus Connections project and I enjoy it very much.

Not being self-employed has been a big challenge, something that I’m still struggling with and something I have to get used to but I think it has been worth it. When I see what’s on the horizon now I’m feeling more and more confidant that it was the right move.


2007 was a busy year in my relation to THE VIEW. I had an article published on Sametime Connect 7.5 and building a service for provisioning lotus.domino.Session objects to plug-ins to overcome classloading issues. The article discuss an approach very much like the NotesPlatform class of Notes 8. I have also writte two additional articles that will be out in the new year. One is a shorter piece for THE VIEW 2008 Technical Supplement and the other is a regular article. Both are on the business card/UserInfo sub-system of the Sametime 7.5/8.0 server. The articles explains the different components of the business card/UserInfo system, how to configure it, mix-and-match blackboxes, troubleshoot it and how to write your own blackbox implementations to get data from custom systems.

2008 – it’s going to be a great year!

2008 is shaping up to be a great year. In January 6 of us from IntraVision is going to Lotusphere. We have a stall on the showcase so I probably need to spend some time there which is going to be a big change from recent years. Although talking to customers isn’t my strongest side and what I enjoy most I’m probably not going to be able to talk myself out of it. Sadly I do not have a speaking slot this year but hey – that’s life! I’m set at taking a stab at it again for Lotusphere 2009.

When I look towards 2008 one thing is clear – you’re gonna need to know Eclipse to do the cool stuff!! I still think that the lack of Java adoption is the Achilles’ heel of IBM.

Work-wise I’m looking forward to spending much more time in the Eclipse IDE. IMHO I’m already doing some exciting stuff in Eclipse and we’re going to be showcasing exciting news at Lotusphere.


So that’s 2007. Looking back it was a great year and things are shaping up nicely for 2008. I’m looking forward to seeing all of you at Lotusphere in 3 weeks and most important of all…