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Just shot of an e-mail with a draft of my next article for THE VIEW. The working title is “Into the blackbox – a tour of the Sametime Business Card system” and will discuss and describe the business card system, a.k.a. UserInfo, of Sametime and how to configure, mix and match blackboxes and how to write your own blackbox implementations. The article is a little less development focused than I’m used to but I still managed to sneak in some Java code… 😉

No word yet on when it’s gonna be out but I’m guessing the March/April 2008 issue.

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  1. I appreciated your article in THE VIEW.  We have successfully customized our Business Card to return data from other Notes databases…Great!  What I am interested in doing now is having further control over what is being displayed where on the Business Card.  Right now some of the data is redundent – displaying in the main part of the Business Card and again in the EXPANDED area – which seems like a real waste of real estate.  How can we control what displays where on the Business card?


  2. You can’t really. The business card is unfortunately hard coded to display certain fields in certain places on the business card. You could however return something different that what the field says so you could return a blog address instead of a title to have that blog address show up in the business card. This is what I did for the Sametime business card.

    Hope that makes sense 🙂


  3. I was afraid that was the answer.

    Do you know what is the difference between the fields duplicated on the Business Card. For example the Phone and Location display in the main part of the Business Card separated by "/" but they also display down below in the EXPANDED area.  They appear to be pulling from the same field ids – PHONE & LOCATION – but I was hoping they had some alternate sources they were pulling from – that I could control.



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