Component library

“Jo Grant from our ISV enablement team has produced a catalog with 22 reusable components.”

While it’s a great initiative the documentation is missing. I’m planning to look into the components and publish my findings on the blog as I make any discoveries.

Read more and find the download at the Composite Application Blog: Catalog with 22 reusable Components available

2 thoughts on “Component library”

  1. Documentation is included in the database. You need to switch to the "components" view and you will see the specs for each component.

    Source code is also included. You need to extract the jar file from the attachments page of each plugin under the plugins view. You can import this into Eclipse or else rename it to a zip file and view it with any zip viewer.




  2. Jo,

    thank you for getting back to me – and then on a Saturday! 🙂 I post the response here as well for others to find and read. Well I just checked all of the components and there is source code in 5 of the 22 components. Below are the names of the plug-ins with source code:

    It would be nice to have the source for all components. Better still would be for plug-ins to be exported as Eclipse projects since they are easier imported back into Eclipse for perusing.


    P.S.: I found the documentation – thanks.


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