Discovering Notes 8: How is your default browser configured?

It appears there are two ways of specifying the default browser (the one to use then clicking a link in an e-mail) in Notes 8. One is on the “Internet Browser” tab of the location document and the other is on the “Web Browser” preferences page (see File/Preferences). The actual browser used to open links is the one configured in the preference pages.

I found this strange so I digged around a little and I found the cause. The problem was that my personal name and address book wasn’t upgraded to R8 design when my client was updated. This in turn meant that the location document form didn’t show the help text describing this. After replacing my design I found the problem and could correct it. So when moving your users to Notes 8 be sure to upgrade the design of their personal address book.

Good thing it’s Friday!

One thought on “Discovering Notes 8: How is your default browser configured?”

  1. I posted this to the ND8 forum a while back…

    I’m trying to control the default web browser for the Notes 8 Standard client. I, personally, don’t like the fact that the embedded browser is the default. In Domino 7 and earlier, we could control this via the Desktop Settings document. This does not seem to be the case with the Standard client. The policy does work fine for the Basic client. Here are the steps to reproduce it.

    If you edit the location in Notes 8 standard (via Preferences), there is no Internet Browser option as there is with the location document in the Basic client. This field is what is controlled via the Desktop Settings document. You have to go to File > Preferences > Web Browser to change this on the client.

    So I’m hoping that I can push out this setting via a policy. If I modify a policy on an 8 server and push it to a client, this works perfectly in Notes 8 Basic. However, it has no control over the browser behavior in the Standard client. I cannot find any way to set the default value for the File > Preferences > Web Browser setting in the Standard client.

    I’m hoping that this is corrected in the near future.

    Further, it appears that the Desktop Settings document needs to be updated with the new browser options available in the client’s location document. The list of browsers is slightly different in both of them.


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