Broadband @ home

I just upgraded my home broadband connection to 10 megabits/second. Nice ha? 🙂

4 thoughts on “Broadband @ home”

  1. Interesting. What is the real speed you are getting. I’m on a 10Mbit plan as well, but the gateways to international sites are hopelessly under dimensioned. So at the wrong time of the day I get 1.5k/sec.

    🙂 stw


  2. You really need to tune your TCP/IP stack on Windows to be able to use as much of such a large bandwidth. You can find the program here:

    I have run it, and let itself set my optimal settings. My download went from 1.6Mb/s to 3.2Mb/s. (MTU and RWIN settings are important settings to improve utilization of bandwidth)

    And use a wired connection – I’ve never seen wireless being able to compete with wired (no mater how good the signal or wireless standard).


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