Caveat with code from developerWorks tutorial on composite applications

If you’re planning to follow the “Building composite applications for IBM Lotus Notes V8” tutorial on Composite Applications from developerWorks (and you really should) and you have Domino Designer set to automatically insert Option Declare for you (and you really should) you need to declare a variable in Lesson 3. You need to declare the cName as a String for the code to compile. Or remove Option Declare of cause… 🙂

One thought on “Caveat with code from developerWorks tutorial on composite applications”

  1. I find this tutorial good too. Without loosing itselves in deep technical issues, it shows ways to use the new Composite App features in Domino Designer. No Eclipse, SOA or Java knowledge needed.

    I would like  to see IBM publish more of this. For example there are screenshots that show that its possible to integrate the BIRT reporting components inside Notes 8, but up to this point no sample code or a tutorial. I have the task to do that myself until monday next week. If I make it fly, I will leave a comment here.


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