Discovering Notes 8: More nice Notes 8 $fields

As posted on friday there is a nice-to-know field in Notes 8 you can use to enable/prevent automatic loading of images in HTML newsletters. This morning I saw two new fields that seems to have AppDev applicability:

  • $AttBytesTruncated: Holds the amount of (binary) data truncated from the document and hence the amount of data needed to be fetched in order for the document to be fully fetched. This is a number field.
  • $Abstract: Holds an abstract in plain text of the Body richtext field. This is a text field.

Both seems to be new (at least I haven’t seen them before) and set on by the Notes 8 client since I’m currently receiving my e-mail through a Domino 7.0.2 server (I know it’s horrible to hear) and they are not visible in the fields list until I replicate the database to my client.

Could be that it is simply because I truncate received e-mails but I don’t think so.