Discovering Notes 8: WSDL editing

If you’re running Notes 8 and starting to look into composite applications (CA) you’ll need a tool to edit WSDL files unless you’re the notepad-type. Even I is getting past that point and starting to resort to GUI editors so maybe you should to. Fortunately for us all there is no need to look further than your favorite IDE (which is even more true after Notes 8 has been released).

In Eclipse the WSDL editor is provided by the Web Tools Platform (WTP) Project which can easily be installed on top of the standard free Eclipse IDE. I used Eclipse 3.3 but you might as well use Eclipse 3.2 or even 3.1 I think.

Installation is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Add a remote update site to
  2. Once prompted for the components to install select “Web Standard Tools (WST)” feature in the “Web Tools Project (WTP)” category (see screenshot)
  3. Install and sit back and wait while the installation runs to completion

To show of the WSDL editing capabilities of the Eclipse editor I created a simple WSDL file with two math functions (add and subtract) as shown below.

Afterwards I imported the WSDL file into a Java web service in Domino Designer but it could as well have been LotusScript. Nice ha?

One thought on “Discovering Notes 8: WSDL editing”

  1. Once I had a project where I had to create SOAP messages as described in SOAP WSDL files generated on a SAP Webservice.
    I found WSDL seriously confusing though its described quite well in the Monson Haefel J2EE Webservices book.
    What really did help was Altova XML spy. There you can enter an URL of the WSDL file and the good thing generates sample xml inbound and outbound messages for that wsdl-file. Don’t know if there are other (possibly free) tools having that features, but it was a great help in my case. Maybe the wsdls for Expeditor aren’t as huge as for SOAP. So complexity is more a SOAP than a WSDL thing (don’t know). At least my first impressions of WSDL-usage for Portlet Collaboration in WAS Portal Server pointed in that direction.

    kind regards


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