Saved by NOMAD

One of my colleagues Thinkpad crashed on Friday afternoon and was sent to the repair center on Monday morning. Due to this crash he didn’t have access to Notes e-mail or any of our databases during the weekend. Fortunately he installed a 4GB USB-stick with NOMAD (Notes, Designer, Administrator 7.0.2) some weeks ago so he has been able to continue working of any spare computer available. Only requirement – an USB port. Nice! Zero actual downtime work wise.

Only downside is the lack of VPN support to run off a USB key.

I’m just afraid he’s growing too fond of not having to lug his Thinkpad around… 😉

One thought on “Saved by NOMAD”

  1. Nomad’s helped me in a pinch on a couple of occasions! And put the Portable Apps suite on the stick and you’re set. 🙂 Good to hear a success story with Nomad. I wonder how many end users are using it, though.


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