E-mail question: Notes/Domino Java API development for Sametime Connect

I received an e-mail from a reader of the blog asking some questions on developing Sametime plug-ins using the Notes/Domino Java API. Since the answers might be of benefit to others I’m also posting the reply here. Please note that my upcoming article in THE VIEW will go into a lot more detail on install handlers, native library loading in Sametime etc.

I really wanted to talk on this at ILUG 2007 since I think it’s an issue which will come to haunt a lot of developers, but unfortunately I was unable to get in contact with Paul Mooney so I wont be there… 😦


well you are really opening a big jar of issues and I'm afraid that it would be too time consuming for me to point out what you need to do in detail. The article you mention will show you exactly how to do what you need. I can however give you a pointer... 🙂

If you get a java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError it sounds like the actual class from notes.jar (lotus.domino.Session) isn't on the runtime classpath of the plug-in. Look into adding it to the deployed plug-in. Do this on the Build tab of the MANIFEST.MF file in Eclipse (use the Binary Build section on the lower left).

Additionally if you haven't already be sure to read my post on plugging the necessary classes into Eclipse for Sametime development using the Notes/Domino Java API.

Please note that if you are using local sessions you need to modify the Sametime Connect client sametime.ini file to enable it to correctly load native libraries on Windows (DLL's). This is best and most easily done using a feature install handler which is a little advanced but it will be thoroughly explained the my upcoming article.

Hope this helps.

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