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I’m starting to think of features and improvements for LotusScript.doc version 2 and was thinking what you had to say… What issues/problems do you have? What kind of features are you lacking? Please let me know so I might include them.

Please send comments and suggestions by e-mail to lekkim [at] or as comments to this post.


5 thoughts on “Version 2”

  1. Hi Mikkel,

    I’ve already sent you some of them through email in the past, but just in case I’m posting my suggestion here, so others can give their oppinios

    1) Inclusion of subforms in the supported Design Elements;

    2) Inclusion of class’ private variables (fields) in the class documentation;

    3) Inclusion of a “Property Details” section, similar to those “Functions” and “Methods” Details sections, as properties behave much similar to them, you may want to add extra comments, refer to other methods (@see usage), etc;

    4) Inclusion of a section “Methods inherited from class …” in the class document

    5) Inclusion of a section “Fields inherited from class …” in the class document

    6) Instead of generating HTML code for every page, generate the information in XML and then present them using XSL. This would allow customizations in the documentation look and feel.

    Congratulations once more for the great tool.


  2. I know for the PSC apps I would love to use this on, going thru and updateing ever sub, fuction, and class and moving all the comments is not something I can really do … hard to justify the cost when everyone is working 40+ hours already. How about finding some way to automate the process of taking an existing app and making it work with LotusScript.doc. That would be a big deal. How you get that to work, well thats the details and I leave that to you 🙂


  3. Hi,
    First I thank you for this great tool. Here’s my suggestions :

    Add a the TODO tag
    Add a the @exception tag
    A nice feature could be to link documentation with script browser of TS…

    This one is more specific to me but I try… I don’t use lsdoc_description in forms/subforms. I create a hidden section with 2 tables on the top on my form with design’s related info:

    A table with the description, author, todos in table with 2 cols (label – text)
    Hidden form’s fields in a table (fieldname – field – description )

    For the first table, it will be cool if ls.doc can parse this table and recognize cell with special ids (@author, @description, @todo ) defined in the table properties. For the second table, ls.doc will create documentation as the public fields of classes. Here, just the table has got an id.
    Thank you for your great work !


  4. Hi,

    Supporting xUnit (e.g. JUnit 4) attributes would be interesting in combination with a some what revised public exposure of parsed LotusScript.

    As you can imagine such would allow to generate test cases, test suites for LotusScript libraries.



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