No trial of Portlet Factory?

I talked to a couple of the Websphere folks at Lotusphere 2007 regarding trying out Portlet Factory before buying the product. We have a web application where I can really see the development benefit in moving it to Portal though I have to build a business case for it to justify the spending. To speed up the migration I would like to use Portlet Factory.

Unfortunately there isn’t a trial version available for download and it appears that it would have to be made available to you by someone in the sales organization which doesn’t seem likely in our case. Unfortunately we do not have the PartnerWorld Value Pack either so I cannot simply download the product from there. So much for trying that product out… 😦

It sure looks promising though…

2 thoughts on “No trial of Portlet Factory?”

  1. Tried using it at a Prove of Technology session in IBM. Take a short while to get used to. Few years back I was developing Portlet by coding JAVA in WSAD. But with Portlet Factory, it is done much easier. Simpler things can be done directly right out of the box without any JAVA coding at all.


  2. There is now a trial of Portlet Factory on the IBM Developer works zone.  We are going to link to it at – so if you want to try this out, go get it.  Also, IBM has now put Portlet Factory in the box with Portal full time – so all customers who own WebSphere Portal now have entitlement to Portlet Factor – AKA Bowstreet.  Good Luck


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