Becoming a NOMAD

I received my new 4GB USB key today and have already loaded Notes 7.0.2 on it using Chris’ excellent howto (Lotus Notes 7.0.2 – NOMAD Review). There wasn’t much to it and I didn’t even have to manually add admin.exe and designer.exe since I used a full Notes install image. Very nice… 🙂

The USB key comes loaded with the U3 software so now I need to find an IPSEC VPN client that is U3 compatible or one that can be installed on an USB key to be on Cloud Nine. The client should work with Cisco appliances.

Looking forward to lighter roaming.

One thought on “Becoming a NOMAD”

  1. Glad it’s going well. The U3 software is pretty nice to have. Now you just need to get Portable Firefox and the Google Browser Sync extension to keep your browser in sync! Happy Roaming!!


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