Sametime 7.5 business voes – why doesn’t the picture update?

At the office we are using the business card feature of Sametime 7.5 and up to now it has been working fine since we got past our initial problems with the UserInfoServlet (which made me reverse engineer it). A problem is now appearing though. The problem is that once users update their business card picture in the Domino Directory (we simply populated the field with a “standard” image to begin with) the picture doesn’t update in the Sametime Connect clients. Right-clicking the user in Sametime Connect and selected “Refresh Person Info” doesn’t help either.

Poking around the Sametime folders I found where the cache is kept (“C:Documents and Settingslekkim.HQApplication” on my computer). In this directory there is a folder per community you have configured in your client. In the folder for our internal community there is a XML-file and an image file per user – the XML file holds the information fetched from the UserInfoServlet-servlet and the image is the business card image.

I thought it was so simple that I could simply modify that last updated timestamp in the XML-file, delete the image file or delete both the XML-file and image file to make Sametime refresh the information. Not so however… 😦 Exiting the client, manually updating the image and/or modifying the XML-file makes the new information appear when starting the client again.

Looks like the client is caching the information which is all well and good but shouldn’t it update at some point?

I guess that the caching/refreshing is governed by some other setting – maybe in the buddylist. Unfortunately I can’t find any information about this subject. All information is related to initially configuring the stuff.