Lotusphere 2007: It’s official – I’m presenting a session!

I must admit I got very excited when I received an e-mail from Rocky the other day with a preliminary approval of one of my submitted Lotusphere sessions. The pulse rose another notch yesterday when the official confirmation appeared in my inbox.

I’m presenting “BP308: Leverage DXL and OOP to Build Powerful Tools”.

6 thoughts on “Lotusphere 2007: It’s official – I’m presenting a session!”

  1. Kudos to you. I think you’ve respectable expertise in LotusScript & notes platform. Recently, I read your article on self-documenting lotusscript, fantastic idea and a superb lotusscript.doc tool.

    Bye the way, I’m also a lotus notes domimo application developer based in NY. I’ve been attending Lotusphere for the last 3yrs and I’ll be there again in LS’07.

    Meet you in LS’07 🙂



  2. Wooaaw ! Great news !

    It’s a great return for all your excellent blogging.
    I would love to be at LotusSphere and ear this session but it’s too costly for me :-(.

    May be we’ll have podcasts available, who know.


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