Sametime 7.5 error message for the math wiz among us…

I have configured 100MB as the maximum filesize for file transfers via Sametime 7.5. I was however a little surprised when I saw how Sametime Connect chose to let me know that the file I was trying to send was above quota. Is there really a need to:

  1. show the maximum configured size in bytes!
  2. show the size of the file in scientific notation (1.024E8) and in bytes!

I guess that’s a thing for service pack 1…

One thought on “Sametime 7.5 error message for the math wiz among us…”

  1. OK, that is just funny. It’s made me laugh out loud, and I don’t want to explain it to anyone near me.

    Maybe there is a matching inputbox that requires scientific notation?

    Thanks !


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