Be aware who you allow to handle your laptop

Yesterday morning one of our customers calls me since “John” is unable to boot up his laptop into Windows XP due to some Internet Explorer related error. Apart from telling “John” to try and reboot and/or cut the power to the laptop there’s really nothing I can do to help him. Although he did open a strange-looking website yesterday by clicking a link in an e-mail sent to him from some guy in India he can’t think of what he did wrong… 😉

I’m now thinking of his laptop as “SPYWARE CENTRAL” but try to help him as best I can. After a couple of failed attempts to get his laptop going I ask him to call the it-support company they use for Windows related issues since we, strictly speaking, only deal with their Domino servers. He’s reluctant to call them however since they have been having second thoughts about this company lately and have been meaning to switch to another company. I convince him that he really should call them so he does and they come and pick up his laptop for diagnostics and a possible reload. Thankfully we’ve set up id-file escrow on their Domino server so we can restore “Johns” id-file and he can continue working with e-mail and applications on another machine.

So far so good.

Today I talked to “John” again about his laptop issue. It turned out that he was probably right about not calling their it-support company. It turns out that he wont be getting his laptop back since they – get thisran over his laptop with a car!! Yes – they ran it over with a car! Only positive thing about it is that the guy who did it, also ran over his own laptop in the process. That doesn’t ease the throbbing pain “John” is feeling when thinking about the data that’s was on the laptop.

How crazy is that?

But get this… When the “technician” from the it-support company calls “John” to tell him about his little mishap he decides that he needs something to turn “Johns” attention from his wrecked laptop and what better than to tell him of their special deal on 15″ screen laptops!! As you might have guessed it would probably have been better not to try and sell “John” new stuff when you are unable to take care of existing stuff.

Suffice to say that “John” is looking for potential new it-support companies as I write this.

Have a nice weekend!