Recovering Windows XP passwords

Once back from vacation I had forgotten the password to my newly purchased Windows Media Center machine. Reinstalling wasn’t an option and fortunately there was a way around this. 10 minutes and 20 USD later I had my password thanks to the CD image from There might be free options around but I didn’t want to spend too much time looking.

4 thoughts on “Recovering Windows XP passwords”

  1. Sorry for my last (empty) comment.
    I know every time someone posts about something he found, comments start flowing about alternatives to that thing he found.
    So, just to join the crowd: those of you googling to recover your lost password, check this out:


  2. I think the best method to recover windows password is using windows password recovery software. Burn the .iso file to a blank CD or a USB flash drive or a floppy disk, insert the CD(USB/floppy disk) into the problem computer and your password will be reset to "Blank" without losing any data and you needn’t reinstall windows OS.


  3. I wouldn’t like to upload my logon credentials to for password cracking.

    Long time ago , I confronted with the similar problem. Finally , my friend Jane introduce the PCUnlocker Live CD ( It help me remove forgotten Windows password in no time. It’s worth a try!


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