More sessions on blogging @ Lotusphere 2007

I have been thinking about the sessions on blogging at last years Lotusphere now as we are nearing the submission deadline for sessions for Lotusphere 2007. At Lotusphere 2006 we had two sessions on blogging:

The first one was a panel discussion on the more general aspects on blogging and how blogging can and will affect the enterprise. The latter was a Birds of a Feather and a relaxed discussion on blogging in general and was in essence a blogger meet-up. I only attended the latter session and my main reason for doing so was to meet my fellow bloggers however it seemed to me that there wasn’t enough time.

That got me thinking – should we have more than one BoF-style session on blogging or maybe simply a longer session? Maybe additional sessions or longer sessions should be held outside of the “official” Lotusphere conference since I guess there is a limit to how many sessions on blogging IBM will allow at Lotusphere. Considering the discussions that has been taking place in last few weeks in the blogosphere it could be that some face-to-face time would be nice and a chance to pick up some of the discussions (i.e. the nifty-fifty).

What do you think? If we need additional sessions, at least inside the scope of Lotusphere, we need to submit abstracts ASAP!

4 thoughts on “More sessions on blogging @ Lotusphere 2007”

  1. I think that a Domino Bloggers Unite to Drink happy hour would be a great place to start. I’m sure Wild Bill would be more than happy to attend. Seriously though, a less formal environment would allow bloggers and their readers to interact and really start sharing face to face. Maybe we could start with a banner and a gathering area at the opening night party. As long as it’s not as cold as it was last year.



  2. The only issue about the blogging sessions is that they tend to be horizontal rather than vertical, if you pardon the software terminology. I’d like to see slightly more vertical blogging topics, either in areas such as “Business blogging do’s and don’ts” or “Building software success with blogs, wikis and podcasts”, or possibly much more vertical, such as “Workflow, weblogs and welders – working together”.


  3. I think it would a great idea if there was a blogger meet-up banner at the welcome reception. Was it cold last year – where do you live? In Denmark we normally have snow and its around freezing in January so I’ll take the climate in Florida any day… 🙂


  4. I live in Maryland, right near Washington DC. 2 years ago it was near freezing the night of the opening party. And almost no one was dressed for it. In fact, it was just as cold in Orlando as it was back in Maryland, about 1000 miles to the north.



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